“Bridging the Gaps Between Those of Faith and Those Without”


This project is connecting churches with the secular communities in your local areas.

Free Thought Exchange is about learning how to work and live agreeably and peacefully alongside those with different beliefs.

 To each church we propose a casual event where we interact graciously with the goal to remove common misconceptions we have about one another through mutual respect.

Our goal is never to debate or convert anyone to our way of thinking but to simply demonstrate to each-other that although we have different world-views, we are good moral individuals, who share many core values. There are many misconceptions we have about one another so we believe it’s time to open a respectful friendly dialog.

Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or an Atheist, we all share a common goal -to bring peace and prosperity to ourselves and our fellowman.  We all hope for a better future regardless of our creed.

In a world filled with intolerance it is time for us to make a difference. It is time for us all, regardless of belief, to raise up and unite as a culture and show love to one another.